TRU 310 - Self & Society Seminar: Transfer Students

The purpose of this course is to develop the habits of curiosity, good scholarship, ethical consideration, and community engagement necessary for new transfer students to thrive as they complete Truman State University's liberal arts and sciences curriculum. As they practice critical, multi-disciplinary, and intercultural thinking, transfer students will examine the place of their chosen major discipline in the context of the liberal arts and sciences. Students will explore the notion of self and how each individual's role is influenced within the broader context of a major occupation, relevant groups, the local community, and society.

Prerequisite: This course is restricted to transfer students who have completed an Associate of Arts degree, university-approved Associate of Science, or Associate of Fine Arts degrees, or the Missouri statewide core transfer curriculum (CORE42).
Credit(s): 1
Course Attribute(s):
  • Self & Society Seminar course for the Dialogues.

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