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2020-2021 General/Graduate Catalog - Expires August 2026 
2020-2021 General/Graduate Catalog - Expires August 2026 [Archived Catalog]

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FRA 300 - France Study Abroad

This six-week, 6 credit-hour program provides instruction in French language, literature and culture offered jointly by a Truman State University French faculty member and the faculty of the Institut Francais des Alpes. The program is aimed at French students who will have completed at least Intermediate French I or third semester French. In addition to taking courses at the IFALPES, students will participate in everyday French life by living with a family, engaging in group cultural activities and taking 2 excursions to various parts of the Alps region. More specifically, the components of the program, along with the language contact hours they entail, are as follows:

  1. language and culture instruction for 6 weeks (20 classroom contact hours +36 hours of homework assignments)
  2. lodging with a French family (128 hours)
  3. French Composition and Conversation Class, 2 hours sessions meeting 4 days a week taught by with TSU faculty (48 hours)
  4. 2 regional excursions (25 hours)
  5. pre-departure orientation with TSU faculty (6 hours)

Prerequisite: Students who have completed Intermediate French I may apply to the program in Annecy.  Application to the program will include: 1) filling out an application form; 2) paying a $350 deposit; 3) submitting a copy of college transcripts; 4) submitting two letters of recommendation from recent Truman instructors, one of which must be from a French instructor; 5) writing a brief statement of purpose; 6) completing an oral interview with program director. Applying does not guarantee acceptance to the program.
Credit(s): 6
When Offered: (offered summer only)
Course Attribute(s):
  • This course fulfills the Intercultural Interconnecting Perspectives of the Dialogues.

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