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2021-2022 General/Graduate Catalog - Expires August 2027 
2021-2022 General/Graduate Catalog - Expires August 2027 [Archived Catalog]

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ENG 451 - Internship for English

On-the-job specialized training that complements the student’s academic study of English.  A minimum of 40 hours of internship work is required for each internship credit earned.  See Guidelines for English and Linguistics majors at the department website for more information and application procedures. The course is graded Pass/Fail based on completion of the tasks and responsibilities specified in the Workplace Supervisor Agreement.  May be repeated for up to eight credits.

Prerequisite: Cumulative and Major GPA of 2.75 (or a formal appeal of the GPA requirement) and completion of application procedure specified at the Department of English and Linguistics website prior to the start of the credit-bearing portion of the internship.
Corequisite: Enrollment in 1 credit of ENG 452 - Internship Evaluation  for up to 4 credits of ENG 451 - Internship for English/Creative Writing.

Credit(s): 1 to 4

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