May 23, 2018  
2007-2008 General/Graduate Catalog - Expired August 2013 
2007-2008 General/Graduate Catalog - Expired August 2013 [Archived Catalog]

Art (BFA) with concentration in: Studio Art

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Affiliation: College of Arts and Sciences
Degrees Offered: Bachelor of Arts in Art (Liberal Arts) and Art (Art History), Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art (Studio Art) and Art (Visual Communications)
Minors Offered: Art Studio and Art History



Degree programs in the visual arts are defined by, and were developed through, the following objectives:

  1. To offer programs of concentrated study that are sensitive to the needs of students and relate to the overarching goals of the university.
  2. To ensure well-organized, coherent programs that provide opportunities for synthesis and integration across courses within those programs.
  3. To help students assimilate the knowledge delivered within the programs and develop the capacity to focus on methods of inquiry and analysis that will enable them to use that knowledge.
  4. To encourage students to develop a critical perspective that will enable them to learn about and from the variety of views existing within their chosen field of study.
  5. To guide students in the cultivation of liberal learning by helping them perceive and appreciate the connections among courses in their major and those in other disciplines.
  6. To assure practical support and encouragement for students’ intellectual and creative growth and development by providing opportunities for interaction and dialogue in an environment conducive to learning.
  7. To present students with a culturally diverse approach to art and to acknowledge biases that may be inherent within the discipline.
  8. To prepare students for graduate study or employment opportunities within the field.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree is the initial professional degree in art. The primary emphasis of the degree is to develop skills, concepts, and sensitivities essential to the professional artist. Successful candidates for this degree must function as practitioners who exhibit both technical competence and a broad knowledge of art and art history, sensitivity to artistic style, and an insight into the role of art and design in the life of humankind. Evidence of these characteristics and potential for their continuing development is essential for the awarding of the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.



  1. GPA: 3.50 or above both cumulative and in the major.
  2. Approval of non-abstaining faculty.
  3. Submit a letter of intent to the Department Office with the advisor’s signature two semesters before graduation.
  4. Receive a grade of A on both the capstone paper and show.
  5. Have a work selected for a juried exhibition or other competition (either the juried student show at Truman or a regional or national juried competition off-campus).



Special Requirements for all Bachelor of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Arts Degrees

BFA and BA candidates in art must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 in their major courses. Individual instruction courses are applied for through a written contract between the instructor, the advisor, and the student. Forms are available in the office of the College of Arts and Sciences or the Department Chair’s office. Consent of the instructor and the advisor are required. Independent study courses may not be substituted for existing courses. Transfer students who have satisfactorily completed studio art courses at another institution may, with a portfolio approved by the Art Faculty, be exempted from the studio prerequisites for some of the advanced studio courses. All internal transfer students and reapplicants are evaluated using the general catalog for the year in which the student matriculates into the art Program.

The following required courses may not be transferred into the various art programs or substituted:


Studio Art

  • Fifth semester studio class in the major: 3 Credit Hours
  • Upper-level studio courses in major area: 6 Credit Hours
  • Upper-level studio courses: 6 Credit Hours

Visual Communications

  • Upper-level studio courses: 6 Credit Hours


Liberal Arts

  • Upper-level studio courses: 12 Credit Hours

Art History

  • Upper-level art history courses: 12 Credit Hours

Liberal Studies Program Requirements: 34-58 Credit Hours

Missouri Statute Requirement: 1-3 Credit Hours

Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree Requirement

  • Intermediate proficiency in ONE foreign language 0-6 Credit Hours

MAJOR REQUIREMENTS: 44-47 Credit Hours

  • One completed Area of Concentration: 18-21 Credit Hours
  • Twelve (12) hours of Art History, six (6) or more of which are to be taken at the 300 level or above: 12 Credit Hours

Electives to Total: 129-131 Credit Hours



  • The major studio emphasis is to be selected from 200-, 300-, and 400-level courses in one of the following studio areas: painting, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, fibers: 15
  • Capstone Experience/Advanced Studio: 6
    See note below


The Capstone Experience/Advanced Studio must be completed in the Advanced Studio Area selected under the Major Studio Emphasis.


  • At least six (6) hours of Two-Dimensional Art courses: 6 Credit Hours
  • Studio Electives: 6 Credit Hours


  • At least six (6) hours of Three-Dimensional Art courses: 6 Credit Hours
  • Studio Electives: 6 Credit Hours



Prior to enrollment in any 300- or 400-level Art Studio or Visual Communications course, the student will participate in the Foundations Proficiency review. The student’s declaration of a major degree program is required at this time. Students unable to pass this review are required to address the deficiencies noted and resubmit samples at the following semester’s Foundations Proficiency review. Requirements for participation in the proficiency review are: successfully completed or currently enrolled in ART 127 New Majors Seminar, ART 115 Drawing I, ART 215 Drawing II, ART 210 Design I and ART 211 Design II. Contact the Art Assessment Committee chair for detailed information.

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