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    Truman State University
  Sep 20, 2017
2007-2008 General/Graduate Catalog - Expired August 2013 [Archived Catalog]

Health Studies Minor

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Affiliation: School of Health Sciences and Education
Degree Offered: Bachelor of Science
Minor Offered: Health Studies

The Health and Exercise Sciences (HES) Program offers a limited number of students the opportunity to minor in Health Studies based on the demand for major seats in HLTH courses and budgeted resources. The intent of the Health Studies Minor is to allow additional exploration in topics related to human health and well-being. This Minor may enhance personal growth and/or be related to interest areas after graduation.

Interested students will need to apply for and be admitted to the Minor. The application form for the Minor can be found on the HES website at

Program Requirements:

Students must meet the following minimum requirements in order to be considered for the Minor:

1. A minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.50.
2. Completion of the following with a grade of C or higher:
a) STAT 190 Basic Statistics or higher
b) HLTH 195/196 or MS 100/101

The Health Studies Minor requires the successful completion of 15 semester hours of HES courses from the categories below:

Group One:

Successfully complete a minimum of 4 credit hours from the following:

Group Two:

Successfully complete a minimum of 3 credit hours from the following:

Unrestricted Electives:

The remaining 6-8 credit hours may be obtained by completing additional courses in Group One and/or Two or by any other course(s) with a “HLTH” designation with the exception of HLTH 195/196, HLTH 245 (if HLTH 265 is taken), and HLTH 270 (if HLTH 240 is taken). Note: Many HLTH courses, with the exception of those listed in Group One and Two above, may be restricted to Health Science majors only.

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