Jan 17, 2021  
2020-2021 General/Graduate Catalog - Expires August 2026 
2020-2021 General/Graduate Catalog - Expires August 2026

Medieval Studies Minor

Affiliation: Interdisciplinary Studies


  1. A 2.00 GPA in minor requirements.
  2. At least nine hours of the program requirements must be completed at Truman State University.
  3. The interdisciplinary Medieval Studies Minor requires the successful completion of at least 15 credits of coursework in medieval studies.
  4. At least three of these credits must be from section (1) below and the remaining credits must include coursework from at least three of the remaining four sections.
  5. A minimum of nine credits must be 300-level or above.

Program Requirements

Additions or substitutions may be approved by the Medieval Studies Committee.