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2020-2021 General/Graduate Catalog - Expires August 2026 
2020-2021 General/Graduate Catalog - Expires August 2026 [Archived Catalog]

Philosophy and Religion Minor

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Affiliation: School of Social & Cultural Studies

Due to its multi-disciplinary approaches and broad perspectives, a philosophy and religion minor complements any degree offered at Truman.

To understand any human cultural system—whether political, social, scientific, economic, or psychological—students need to learn to recognize and analyze the philosophical and religious beliefs and assumptions grounding that system. Learn to write persuasively, speak and listen in ways that promote understanding, and read productively while balancing openness and critical reflection.

Imagine the impact they can make by conducting research in philosophy and religion studies and submitting a paper to a conference of their peers, such as Truman’s Undergraduate Philosophy and Religion Conference held on campus each year.


  1. A 2.00 GPA in minor requirements.
  2. At least nine hours of the program requirements must be completed at Truman State University.
  3. All of the program requirements as listed below.

Program Requirements:

The Philosophy and Religion Minor requires the successful completion of 15 credits of the following courses:

  • Select 15 credits in philosophy and religion.
  • At least 9 credits are at or above the 300 level.
  • Maximum of 3 credits are internship credit.

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