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2022-2023 General/Graduate Catalog - Expires August 2028 
2022-2023 General/Graduate Catalog - Expires August 2028 [Archived Catalog]

Board of Governors and Administrators


Sarah Burkemper; Chair
Cheryl J. Cozette, Vice Chair
Nancy Gingrich, Secretary
Philip J. Christofferson
Jennifer Kopp Dameron
Bill Lovegreen
K. Brooks Miller, Jr.
Mike McClaskey; Out-of-State Member
Vacant; Out-of-State Member
Abigail Smeltzer; Student Representative


Susan L. Thomas
President; Professor of Psychology
BA, Allegheny College; BA, MA, MBA, PhD, University of Missouri-Columbia.

Charles McAdams
Interim Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost
BSE, Tennessee Technological University; MS, EdD, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

Ernie Hughes
Vice President for University Advancement
BA, MBA, Mississippi State University; PhD, Louisiana State University.

Tyana Lange
Vice President for Student Engagement, Enrollment, and Marketing
BS, Rochester University; MS, Central Michigan University; DBA, Lawrence Technological University.

David R. Rector
Vice President for Administration, Finance and Planning
BSE, MA, Northeast Missouri State University; MBA, University of Oklahoma.

Donna Liss
Chief Information Officer
BS, University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Elizabeth M. Clark
Dean of the School of Social and Cultural Studies; Professor of Communication
BS, MA, Northeast Missouri State University; PhD, University of Missouri-Columbia.

Stephen B. Parsons
Dean of the School of Arts and Letters; Professor of Music
BME, Oral Roberts University; MM, DMA, University of Kansas.

Rashmi Prasad
Dean of the School of Business; Professor of Business Administration
BA, University of Michigan; MBA, University of Illinois; PhD, University of Kentucky.

Lance Ratcliff
Dean of the School of Health Sciences and Education; Professor of Health and Exercise Sciences
BA, Lakeland College; MS, PhD, Auburn University.

Timothy D. Walston
Dean of the School of Science and Mathematics and Associate Professor of Biology
BA, Taylor University; MS, University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse; PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Janet Romine
Dean of Libraries and Museums
BA, Bowling Green State University; MLS, Indiana University.

Kevin Minch
Associate Provost and Professor of Communication
BA, MA, Wayne State University; PhD, University of Kansas.

Amy Clendennen
General Counsel
BA, Truman State University; MA, Ball State University; JD, Washington University.

Michael A. Garzanelli
BS, Southern Illinois University; MA, Aurora University.

Ryan Nely
Institutional Compliance Officer
BA, Truman State University; JD, University of Missouri.

Jerry Wollmering
Director of Athletics
BS, Drake University; MA, Kent State University.