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2012-2013 General/Graduate Catalog - Expires August 2018 
2012-2013 General/Graduate Catalog - Expires August 2018 [Archived Catalog]

Board of Governors and Administrators


Kenneth L. Read; Chair
Karen Haber; Vice Chair
Cheryl J. Cozette; Secretary
Sarah Burkemper
John Hilton
Jim O’Donnell
Susan Plassmeyer 
Matthew W. Potter
Michael A. Zito
Michael J. Bushur; Student Representative


Troy D. Paino
President; Professor of History
BA, Evangel University; JD, Indiana University School of Law; MA, PhD, Michigan State University.

Joan Poor
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
BS, MA, University of Manitoba; PhD, University of Nebraska. 

Lou Ann Gilchrist
Dean of Student Affairs; Professor of Counseling
BS, Brigham Young University; MA, EdD, Idaho State University.

Mark Gambaiana
Vice President for University Advancement
BA, Morningside College.

David R. Rector
Vice President for Administration, Finance and Planning
BSE, MA, Northeast Missouri State University; MBA, University of Oklahoma.

Regina M. Morin
Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management
BSE, MA, Northeast Missouri State University.

Maria C. Di Stefano
Associate Provost; Graduate Dean; Professor of Physics
Licenciada, University of Buenos Aires; MS, PhD, University of Cincinnati.

Martin J. Eisenberg
Associate Provost; Interim Dean of the School of Arts and Letters; Associate Professor of Economics
AB, Colby College; PhD, University of Pennsylvania.

Douglas Davenport
Dean of the School of Social and Cultural Studies; Associate Professor of Justice Systems
BA, Central Bible College; MPA, PhD, Texas Tech University.

Jonathan Gering
Dean of the School of Sciences and Mathematics; Associate Professor of Biology
BA, Bethel College; MS, PhD, Miami University (Ohio).

Janet L. Gooch
Dean of the School of Health Sciences and Education; Professor of Communication Disorders
BA, University of Kansas; MA, Kent State University; PhD, Case Western Reserve University.

Debra K. Kerby
Dean of the School of Business; Professor of Accounting
BSE, MA, Northeast Missouri State University; MS, Northern Illinois University; PhD, University of Nebraska.

Richard J. Coughlin
Dean of Libraries and Museums
BA, Merrimack College; MS(LS), Simmons College.

Kevin Minch
Dean of the Joseph Baldwin Academy; Director of the Truman Institute; Associate Professor of Communication
BA, MA, Wayne State University; PhD, University of Kansas.

Warren Wells
General Counsel
AA, Hannibal-LaGrange College; BA, JD, University of Missouri.

Sally Detweiler
Executive Director of Human Resources/EEO and Affirmative Action Officer
BS, Northeast Missouri State University; JD, St. Louis University.

Donna Liss
Chief Information Officer
BS, University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Judith M. Mullins
Comptroller, CPA
BS, Northeast Missouri State University.

Heidi Crist Templeton
Director of Public Relations
BA, University of Missouri, Columbia.

Jerry Wollmering
Director of Athletics
BS, Drake University; MA, Kent State University.