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2016-2017 General/Graduate Catalog - Expires August 2022 
2016-2017 General/Graduate Catalog - Expires August 2022 [Archived Catalog]

Celtic Studies

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Affiliation: Interdisciplinary Studies

Celtic Studies is the interdisciplinary study of the geographic, linguistic, and cultural histories of Celtic peoples from roughly 1200 B.C.E. to the present. In modern times, Celtic Civilization in Europe still finds expression in pockets of local and regional culture, especially in the United Kingdom. Through once stifled by colonialism, some Celtic languages are experiences a renewal in academic and popular life, and the rich literary traditions of Irish, Scottish, and Welsh languages are once again celebrated. Celtic Diaspora studies address the displacement and relocation typical of colonized peoples. In addition to literary, linguistic, and historical approaches, Celtic Studies includes the disciplines of archeology, religious studies, fine art, art history, and anthropology. The minor in Celtic Studies provides a structure in which students can contextualize their work in these related courses, and gain a more complete perspective of Celtic identity, experience, and expression.

This minor requires 15 to 16 credits, including a 1-credit capstone course in which students share and situate their experiences in the minor, and assemble and review portfolios of their work. Students interested in pursuing the minor therefore are responsible for planning and producing appropriate work, especially in category 2 courses that may not exclusively cover Celtic-related content. To support this requirement, the committee (contact smckamie@truman.edu) encourages students to notify them of their interest in the minor as early as possible.

Program Requirements

The Celtic Studies minor requires 15 to 16 credits, including a minimum of 8 credits from category 1 and a maximum of 6 credits from category 2, and an integrative one-credit capstone to be offered once every two years that gathers those enrolled in the minor.

A maximum of 3 credits may be used to satisfy requirements in the Liberal Studies Program and a maximum of 3 credits may be used to satisfy major requirements.

Category 1 (8 -9 credits minimum)

Category 2 (6 credits maximum)

Curricula that describe contests and/or methods in the respective disciplines that can be applied to an area of Celtic Studies either by instructor’s choice of subject or by an individual student project.

Required Capstone (1 credit)

Study Abroad

Students studying abroad in England, Ireland, Scotland, or Wales who take courses in Celtic language, literature, art and/or history may be able to substitute these courses for courses in category 1 and 2.

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