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2019-2020 General/Graduate Catalog - Expires August 2025 
2019-2020 General/Graduate Catalog - Expires August 2025 [Archived Catalog]

Justice Systems (BS)

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Affiliation: School of Social & Cultural Studies


The Justice Systems major seeks to achieve an integration of the sciences and social sciences in addition to presenting material unique to its own knowledge base. This is reflected in both the nature and content of the courses and in the degrees and backgrounds of the faculty teaching them. The program also provides a historical and cultural view of the material.

The mission of the Justice Systems program complements the mission of Truman State University. To achieve this, a Justice Systems major takes a core of courses reflective of the emphasis in the liberal arts and sciences. The BS degree requirement is also reflective of this arts and sciences emphasis. More specifically, the BS degree component is intended to strengthen the quantitative skills of each student. 

The goals of the Justice Systems program are:

  • To provide students an excellent academic preparation for rewarding professional careers in the various components of the justice system;
  • To provide students an excellent undergraduate preparation for entry into professional, graduate, and law schools;
  • To make students more informed and better citizens and thus better able to respond to one of the greatest concerns of society – the problem of crime and our system of justice;
  • To have a program of faculty scholarship and research which includes participation of undergraduate students;
  • To provide public service to the community through the specialized areas of expertise of the faculty and staff.


At least 15 of the required credits in the major must be completed by taking courses at Truman.

For students changing into the major and/or students with a second major, course substitutions acceptable to another major may not be acceptable as a Justice Systems major.


Liberal Studies Program Requirements: 31-60 Credits

Missouri Statute Requirement: 1-3 Credits

Bachelor of Science Requirement: 6 Credits

Course approved for the Bachelor of Science requirement may not be used to satisfy an essential skill or mode of inquiry in the Liberal Studies Program or to satisfy required support in the Justice Systems Major. These courses may be used to satisfy other major and minor requirements.

At least six credits of quantitative or formal reasoning-based coursework from the following disciplines and/or courses


The Justice Systems major consists of two (2) parts: A Minor or Required Support, and Major Requirements. Each student must complete both parts.

Part I: Minor or Required Support: 15 Credits

Each student must have a minor or required support. Required support consists of fifteen credits as approved by a justice systems advisor, from other disciplines and/or a justice systems internship: 15 Credits (or as required by the minor).

Part II: Major Requirements: 35 Credits

Electives and/or Internship, to Total: 120 Credits

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