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2022-2023 General/Graduate Catalog - Expires August 2028 
2022-2023 General/Graduate Catalog - Expires August 2028 [Archived Catalog]

Chinese Minor

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Affiliation: School of Arts & Letters

Chinese is one of the most useful languages for business, and foreign language skills are in high demand worldwide. Adding a Chinese minor to a college experience provides students with valuable cross-cultural skills and insights they can apply to nearly any career.  Students develop traditional skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing while they explore Chinese history and traditions.

Studying abroad exposes students to new ways of learning, and Truman offers several study-abroad programs where they can immerse themselves in Chinese culture. 

Adding a Chinese component to their studies prepares them for postgraduate work and careers in Chinese studies, Asian studies, education, foreign policy, communications, law, and international business in the United States and abroad.


  1. A 2.00 GPA in minor requirements.
  2. A minimum of nine credits of the coursework for the Chinese Minor must be completed at Truman State University or through a Truman State University faculty-led program.
  3. No grade of ‘D’ is accepted toward the Chinese Minor.
  4. A maximum of six credit hours may be double counted for another minor.

Program Requirements:

The Chinese Minor requires the successful completion of 15-17 credits of the following courses.

6 credit hours (complete both):

9-11 credit hours (select three of the following):


  • Some of the above requirements can be satisfied by Study Abroad courses. It is required that all Chinese minors planning to study abroad seek the advice of a Chinese faculty member before leaving the country. A Study Abroad Course Equivalency Request Form, available on the CML website, must also be completed and approved to facilitate course transfer. Failure to do so may result in some credits not being awarded for experience abroad.

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