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2022-2023 General/Graduate Catalog - Expires August 2028 
2022-2023 General/Graduate Catalog - Expires August 2028 [Archived Catalog]

Liberal Studies (BA)

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The Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies degree serves the needs of students who, upon attaining at least 60 credit hours of undergraduate coursework, wish to pursue a less-structured program of learning on a specific topic of interest. The degree retains the full benefits of the University’s Dialogues curriculum, including its coursework in communication, history and social sciences, natural sciences and mathematics, the arts and humanities, statistics, and more. With all core degree requirements offered online, the degree facilitates timely completion of degrees started on-ground at Truman or other institutions and prepares students for entry into productive and fulfilling careers. In lieu of a formal major, students graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies with a concentration in their chosen area of focus.

Students pursuing the bachelor’s degree, upon completion of their program, in addition to fulfilling the objectives of the general education curriculum, will be able to:

  • Articulate and demonstrate the interconnectedness of knowledge and academic disciplines;
  • Describe and summarize the strengths and limitations of different approaches to thinking, particularly those that blossom from disciplines relevant to their concentration; 
  • Apply acquired knowledge to experiences beyond the classroom;
  • Explain the purpose and benefits of a liberal arts education;
  • Formulate and defend a justification of the importance and significance of linkages between selected coursework for the fulfillment of intended career goals;
  • Explain the value of lifelong learning and articulate plans or aspirations for learning goals after graduation;
  • Create a portfolio of artifacts that demonstrate preparation for future career and educational paths as engaged citizens.

Any student who enrolls at Truman is eligible for admission to the Liberal Studies major, but must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Has earned at least 60 credit hours before applying to the program, and has a minimum of three semesters (excluding summer) of undergraduate study at Truman
  • Has proposed a plan of work in consultation with an advisor, which shall be approved by the Director of Retention and Student Success.

Applying to enroll in this degree program will necessitate a change of catalogs. All Liberal Studies Program coursework will be applied to the new Dialogues curriculum. Truman Week and the Health and Wellness requirement will be accepted as a substitution for the Truman Symposium and the Self & Society Seminar.


Dialogues Requirements: 42-61 Credits

Missouri Statute (1-4 credits)

Bachelor of Arts Requirement: 0-8 Credits

  • Intermediate proficiency in ONE foreign language


Each Liberal Studies major must include an approved Concentration students develop under the guidance of their academic advisor as part of their major plan. Students meet the requirements of a completed major when they do the following:

  • Students must have at least one cluster of courses, from the same discipline, amounting to at least 15 credit hours. BSAD and ACCT courses may be used together within the 15-credit cluster. Students are encouraged, but not required, to complete additional clusters. Students are encouraged to follow the structure and sequencing of existing majors or minors in formulating their concentration plans.
  • At least 27 credit hours counted toward the major plan must be at the 300-level or higher.
  • Students must earn a cumulative GPA of 2.0 in the major to complete the Liberal Studies degree program successfully.
  • Students must complete INDV 498 - Liberal Studies Capstone : Senior Assignment. A student may request to substitute a major-specific capstone course with the approval of their advisor, the chair of the department, and the Director of Retention and Student Success.
  • 45 credits toward the degree must be taken at Truman.*
  • Students may earn minors as part of their degree, but the minors may not count toward the fulfillment of the required Liberal Studies major credits or the required concentration within the major.
  • The Liberal Studies major may not be taken as a second or subsequent degree.

Electives to Total: 120 Credits


*Although 45 credits toward the degree, including a minimum of 15 credits in the major, must be taken at Truman, in order to accommodate completion of the degree for students who may be remotely located, the customary requirement that the final 28 hours of the degree must be taken in residence may be waived with the approval of the Director of Retention and Student Success.

Students should consult with their academic advisor when selecting coursework for transfer back to Truman.

Students must complete all other degree requirements including the Civics Exam, Senior Test, Truman portfolio, and 40 credits of coursework at the 300-level and above.

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