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2023-2024 General/Graduate Catalog - Expires August 2029 
2023-2024 General/Graduate Catalog - Expires August 2029 [Archived Catalog]

Pre-Art Therapy Minor

The Pre-Art Therapy Minor is designed to prepare a student with a degree in Psychology (BA or BS) to apply to a graduate program in Art Therapy. For students in other majors, including Art, see the advising notes at the bottom of this minor description.

  1. A 2.00 GPA in minor requirements.
  2. At least nine hours of the program requirements must be completed at Truman State University.

Program Requirements (15 credits):

The Pre-Art Therapy Minor requires the successful completion of 15 credits of ART Prefix courses, including:

Choose one course from the following

ART Prefix courses (12 credits):

Additional courses to be selected from 200/300 level Studio courses in one or two of the following areas: Ceramics, Fibers, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, Sculpture, or Drawing courses (ART 101 ART 202 ART 315 ART 415 ). 

Advising Notes:

Psychology majors pursuing this Minor will want to tailor their courses in that major so as to include PSYC 366 - Psychology of Abnormal Behavior  and PSYC 377 - Developmental Psychology , in order to prepare themselves for application to graduate programs in Art Therapy. Furthermore, some Art Therapy graduate programs prefer their students to have worked in Drawing, Painting, and Ceramics. Therefore, depending on the programs students wish to apply to, it may be necessary to include ART 101 - Observational Drawing ART 205 - Ceramics I , and ART 218 - Painting I  in these studio courses. It is also the case that some Art Therapy graduate programs prefer their students to have 18 credit hours in Studio Art. Students are therefore urged to consult the entrance requirements for the graduate programs to which they are considering applying.

Art majors can generally complete the requirements for application to graduate programs in Art Therapy by combining the BA in Art: Studio Track or the BFA in Art: Studio Concentration with the Psychology Minor, taking care to select PSYC 366 - Psychology of Abnormal Behavior  and PSYC 377 - Developmental Psychology  as two of their three electives. With small adjustments the BA in Art: Art history Track or the BFA in Art: Design Concentration can also be combined with the Psychology Minor to achieve the same results.

All other majors with an interest in this field would be advised to combine the courses required of this Pre-Art Therapy Minor with the Psychology Minor (following the same guidance as given above for Art majors).