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2010-2011 General/Graduate Catalog - Expires August 2016 
2010-2011 General/Graduate Catalog - Expires August 2016 [Archived Catalog]

Classics (BA)

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Affiliation: School of Arts & Letters
Degree Offered: Bachelor of Arts
Minors Offered: Classical Studies, Greek, Latin 

Classics is a field of study comprised of the languages, literature, history, philosophy, art, and culture of ancient Greece and Rome. The curriculum of the program is purposefully interdisciplinary and inter-departmental in nature, seeking through the participation and cooperation of many elements of the University community to provide for students as complete a view as possible of the various aspects of human life in classical antiquity. Instruction in the liberal arts has traditionally been grounded in the “Classics,” for the interdisciplinary nature of the discipline is such that students are encouraged to cultivate skills of inquiry, analysis, and communication. Consequently, the program corresponds very closely to the stated mission of Truman State University, the designated public Liberal Arts and Sciences institution for the state of Missouri.

NOTE: No grade of “D” will be accepted toward the Classics major. 


Seniors who wish to graduate with Honors in Classics must meet the following requirements:

  1. 3.50 or better overall GPA
  2. 3.50 or better GPA in the major
  3. Excellence in Greek and/or Latin languages (demonstrated by superior achievement on the local senior translation tests, a winning placement or honorable mention on a national Eta Sigma Phi contest test, or superior performance in a course such as Latin Prose Composition)
  4. Excellence in research (demonstrated by superior presentation of capstone, Truman Student Research Conference, or other conference or publication)
  5. Positive contribution to the promotion of the discipline (tutoring, Classics Club, etc.)
  6. Approval of non-abstaining faculty (Classical Studies Committee). 


Liberal Studies Program Requirements: 31-57 Credit Hours

Missouri Statute Requirement: 1-3 Credit Hours

Bachelor of Arts Requirement: 0-6 Credit Hours

  • Intermediate proficiency in ONE foreign language


CLASSICAL CORE: 24 Credit Hours

  • Three 300-level or higher language courses in either the Latin or Greek language sequence or two 300-level or higher language courses in either the Latin or Greek language sequence and Intermediate II in the other language sequence: 9 Credit Hours

Complete two of the following courses:


(Choose either Option 1 or Option 2 as a field of emphasis)

Option 1-The Ancient World


*If not used in the Classical Core

**ART 327 will only count toward the Classics major for students who also receive credit for ART 328.

Option 2- Late Antiquity/Medieval Studies:

Students who select this option are strongly encouraged to take LATN 352: Readings in Post-Classical Latin as one of their language courses for the Language Requirement within the Classical Core.

Complete three courses from at least two disciplines:

Electives to Total: 120 Credit Hours

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