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2010-2011 General/Graduate Catalog - Expires August 2016 
2010-2011 General/Graduate Catalog - Expires August 2016 [Archived Catalog]

Cognitive Science Minor

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Affiliation: Interdisciplinary Studies
Degrees Offered: None
Minor Offered: Cognitive Science

Program Requirements:

Because there are many courses already in the Truman course catalogue which address issues that fall under the study of cognitive science, there are no required core courses. Students choose from the list below a total of at least seventeen (17) credit hours, with courses at the 300-level in at least three (3) different areas of focus (see below). The preferred distribution of courses across areas of focus overall is 2-2-1, but since there are a number of JINS courses which may be taken as part of this interdisciplinary minor, a program of study incorporating one (1) such JINS course would be 2-1-1-JINS. No more than two (2) courses counted for the minor may double-count for the student’s major (capstone and/or internship experiences are considered separately). Note: a JINS course may not be used to satisfy both the minor and the LSP.

In the interest of realizing coherence and advanced research activity in the program of study, students complete either (1) a cognitive science-related capstone in their home major, (2) an independent, mentored, cognitive science capstone project, or (3) a for-credit internship in a cognitive science-related field. Projects and internships satisfying this component of the minor should carry 1-3 hours of course credit and are subject to the approval of the Minor Oversight Committee. Students must satisfy course prerequisites wherever they exist.

After having completed at least nine (9) hours, and preferably twelve (12) hours, in the minor, students will create and submit a reflective essay geared toward the following:

  • synthesizing the threads of cognitive science in their program of study to date, and
  • demonstrating the contribution of their specific coursework and research (and internship experience, if any) to their understanding of the field of cognitive science.

This essay will be prepared in consultation with one faculty member of the Minor Oversight Committee and will be administered as a 1-credit course under IDSM 400: Readings in Interdisciplinary Studies.


Area I: Computational Cognition

Area III: Philosophy of Cognition

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