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2015-2016 General/Graduate Catalog - Expires August 2021 
2015-2016 General/Graduate Catalog - Expires August 2021 [Archived Catalog]

Board of Governors and Administrators


Jim O’Donnell; Chair
Sarah Burkemper; Vice Chair
Mike LaBeth; Secretary
David Lee Bonner
Cheryl J. Cozette
Karen Haber
Susan Plassmeyer
Matthew W. Potter
Michael A. Zito
Kelly Kochanski; Student Representative


Troy D. Paino
President; Professor of History
BA, Evangel University; JD, Indiana University School of Law; MA, PhD, Michigan State University.

Susan L. Thomas
Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost
BA, Allegheny College; BA, MA, MBA, PhD, University of Missouri-Columbia.

Mark Gambaiana
Vice President for University Advancement
BA, Morningside College.

Lou Ann Gilchrist
Vice President for Student Affairs; Professor of Counseling
BS, Brigham Young University; MA, EdD, Idaho State University.

Regina M. Morin
Vice President for Enrollment Management
BSE, MA, Northeast Missouri State University.

David R. Rector
Vice President for Administration, Finance and Planning
BSE, MA, Northeast Missouri State University; MBA, University of Oklahoma.

Elizabeth M. Clark
Dean of the School of Social and Cultural Studies; Professor of Communication
BS, MA, Northeast Missouri State University; PhD, University of Missouri-Columbia.

Jonathan Gering
Dean of the School of Sciences and Mathematics; Associate Professor of Biology
BA, Bethel College; MS, PhD, Miami University (Ohio).

Janet L. Gooch
Dean of the School of Health Sciences and Education, Director of Strategic Initiatives; Professor of Communication Disorders
BA, University of Kansas; MA, Kent State University; PhD, Case Western Reserve University.

Debra K. Kerby
Dean of the School of Business; Professor of Accounting
BSE, MA, Northeast Missouri State University; MS, Northern Illinois University; PhD, University of Nebraska.

James F. O’Donnell
Dean of the School of Arts and Letters; Professor of Music
DA, Ball State University; AD, World Federation of International Music Competitions; MM, Ball State University; BA, Saint Mary’s College of Maryland.

Richard J. Coughlin
Dean of Libraries and Museums
BA, Merrimack College; MS(LS), Simmons College.

Maria C. Di Stefano
Associate Provost for International Education; Graduate Dean; Professor of Physics
Licenciada, University of Buenos Aires; MS, PhD, University of Cincinnati.

Kevin Minch
Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs; Dean of the Joseph Baldwin Academy; Director of the Institute for Academic Outreach; Associate Professor of Communication
BA, MA, Wayne State University; PhD, University of Kansas.

Sally Herleth
Executive Director of Human Resources/EEO and Affirmative Action Officer
BS, Northeast Missouri State University; JD, St. Louis University.

Donna Liss
Chief Information Officer
BS, University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Judith M. Mullins
Comptroller, CPA
BS, Northeast Missouri State University.

Heidi Crist Templeton
Director of Public Relations
BA, University of Missouri, Columbia.

Warren Wells
General Counsel
AA, Hannibal-LaGrange College; BA, JD, University of Missouri.

Jerry Wollmering
Director of Athletics
BS, Drake University; MA, Kent State University.