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2015-2016 General/Graduate Catalog - Expires August 2021 
2015-2016 General/Graduate Catalog - Expires August 2021 [Archived Catalog]

School of Business

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The business and accounting programs offered by the School of Business are accredited by AACSB International–The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business: Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Bachelor of Science in Accounting, and Master of Accountancy.

AACSB is recognized by the Council on Post-secondary Accreditation as a specialized accrediting agency for undergraduate and graduate programs in business administration and accounting.

Contact Deb Kerby with questions at dkerby@truman.edu or extension 4346.


The School of Business will be students’ preferred choice for a high-quality business education delivered in a liberal-arts environment.


The School of Business graduates ethically-aware prospective business and civic leaders who are articulate communicators, effective team members, and skilled critical thinkers and problem solvers.

The School of Business cultivates a community of learners by emphasizing:

  • A rigorous, liberal arts and sciences education foundation;
  • Highly selective admission of students;
  • Civic engagement;
  • Leadership development; and,
  • Experiential and applied learning activities to enhance student learning.

Core Values

  • Student Learning

    • Faculty use effective pedagogies to address the varied learning styles of students.
    • Assignments, projects, and other learning activities reinforce the development of creative and critical-thinking skills, effective communication skills, technological proficiency, ethical awareness, and life-long learning.
  • Excellence
    • Faculty members maintain high standards of achievement for student performance.
    • Students demonstrate high levels of achievements on learning outcomes through course performance and results on nationally-normed examinations.
    • Faculty members demonstrate excellence through their teaching and learning, scholarship impacting practice and pedagogy, and service to the profession and community.
  • Accountability
    • Faculty exercise responsible stewardship of the curriculum, maintaining its relevance to current and future business practices.
    • Faculty remain current in their disciplines and use effective instructional methods to enhance student learning.
    • Faculty assess student achievement of defined learning outcomes and implement changes to the curriculum and pedagogy to improve student learning.
  • Collegiality
    • Faculty, staff, and students build an atmosphere of mutual respect
    • Faculty and staff share ideas, support others’ efforts, and interact with others professionally.
  • Social and Corporate Responsibility
    • Curriculum design and course assignments address the significant issues facing society and business, such as ethnic and cultural diversity, environmental sustainability, human rights, sustainable development, and other emerging issues.
    • The School provides resources to hire and/or develop faculty prepared to conduct research and provide instruction related to social and corporate responsibility.
  • Ethics and Integrity
    • Students, faculty and staff interact with others in an ethical and professional manner.
    • Faculty members teach approaches to ethical reasoning.
    • Students demonstrate ethical-reasoning skills.

Strategic Goals

  1. Recruit, retain, and graduate a diverse student body that meets Truman’s and the School’s expectations for a higher selective university.
  2. Continually demonstrate effective approaches to teaching and learning that increase the engagement, skills, and knowledge of our students to ensure that they are well prepared for high-quality employment and graduate school opportunities.
  3. Recruit, hire, and retain well-qualified, diverse faculty members and provide support for their continuing professional development.
  4. Increase engagement and financial support among all external constituencies to achieve the School of Business vision, mission, and goals.

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