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2015-2016 General/Graduate Catalog - Expires August 2021 
2015-2016 General/Graduate Catalog - Expires August 2021 [Archived Catalog]

Accountancy (MAc)

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Affiliation: School of Business


In recognition of the extensive body of knowledge needed for the professional practice of public accounting, the School of Business offers a Master of Accountancy degree program. Students completing the Master of Accountancy program meet the requirements to sit for the Uniform CPA examination in Missouri and many states that require 150 hours of college study to be eligible to take the professional examination. Students should determine the specific requirements of their state early in their program. Students are encouraged to complete both the undergraduate and graduate accounting programs at Truman. However, students may enter the undergraduate program as transfer students or enter the graduate program after receiving an undergraduate degree at Truman or another university.


The Master of Accountancy program is accredited by AACSB International-The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. AACSB is recognized by the Council on Postsecondary Accreditation and by the Office of Postsecondary Education, U.S. Department of Education, as a specialized accrediting agency for undergraduate and graduate programs in business administration and accounting.


Building on liberal arts and sciences education, Truman accounting graduates will integrate analytical, research, communication, interpersonal and leadership skills with business and financial knowledge to be effective financial professionals and prospective leaders.


Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) percentile rankings corresponding to mean scaled scores for newly-enrolled Master of Accountancy students, fiscal year 2013:

Verbal: 56%
Quantitative: 50%
Total: 56%

Average GPA of incoming Master of Accountancy students, fiscal year 2013: 3.56.


To be considered for admission, students must meet the following requirements:

  • Hold a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution.
  • Have a cumulative grade point average of 3.00 or higher. Consideration is given to students who have a 3.00 GPA in the last 60 credits of coursework.
  • Submit competitive GMAT scores.
  • Submit one letter of recommendation.
  • Submit the following applications:
    a. University Graduate School Application
    b. Master of Accountancy Admission Application
    c. Resume


The GMAT test must be taken prior to acceptance. Graduate admission is not based solely upon GMAT scores and/or undergraduate GPA. Programs specify other criteria in this catalog and admission materials (which cannot be described in this collective profile) upon which they base admissions decisions. For more information, contact the graduate program coordinator for this graduate program.

Each candidate who applies for admission to graduate studies in accounting is notified of the acceptance decision.


Each Master of Accountancy candidate must satisfy the following requirements:

  1. Have cumulative 3.00 GPA in graduate courses, with no more than six credits of C in graduate courses.
  2. Complete at least 24 credits of required graduate-level courses at Truman.
  3. Complete at least 18 credits of 500- and 600-level accounting courses.
  4. Complete at least 15 credits of 600-level courses.
  5. Complete at least nine (9) credits of 500- and 600-level non-accounting courses.
  6. Complete at least 30 credits of required graduate courses.
  7. Pass written comprehensive examinations.


Graduate Teaching/Research Assistantships (GTRAs) are available for qualified students. Graduate student applicants who have at least a 3.0 cumulative undergraduate GPA and have scored at least at the 50th percentile on the Graduate Management Admissions Test are encouraged to apply for a Graduate Teaching/Research Assistantship. GTRAs are assigned to one-quarter time teaching, research, or other responsibilities. 



Total Credits: 30

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